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Kayak Rentals

Sea Kayaks: Valley, Necky, and paddles by werner,  accessoreies by Kokatat

We rent fully equipped sea kayaks, day-trippers, sit on-tops (Necky, Valley, Ocean, Old Town), singles, tandems, and canoes and camping gear. Those renting a sea kayak must be competant to paddle in anticipated conditions and locations.

Note, Add 13% Tax (HST)
half day rentals (4 hrs) 75% of daily rate

E-mail for Sales or Rental at

Item Package Boat Only
Full Day 2-7 Day or
>3 boats
Full Day 2-7 Day or
>3 boats
Kayak Touring- Rotomolded Poly
Solo $50 $45 $45 $40
Tandem $55 $50 $50 $45
Kayak Touring- Composite FG
Solo $65 $60 $60 $55
Tandem $65 $60 $60 $55
Kayak Day- Trippers (polyethylene)
Solo $40 $35 $35 $30
Sit-on-top (solo) $35 $30 $30 $25
Polyethylene $40 $35 $35 $30
Kayak Package Price includes paddle, lifejacket, whistle, skirt, pump, sponge.
Canoe Package Price includes 3 paddles, 2 lifejackets, 2 whistles, 50' throw rope and bailer.
Wet Suit (full length) $11 $8.00    
Wet Suit (shortie) $7 $5    
Camping Equipment
3 Person Tent $25 $20 Marmot. MEC  
2 Person Tent $20 $15 Marmot  
Large Nylon
Shelter Tarp
$12 $8 Moss, Outfitter  
Self-inflatable sleeping pad $5 $3.50 Thermarest  
4 person cook set with utensils $5 $4    
2 Burner Propane Stoves $5 $4    

E-mail for Sales or Rental at

Rental Fleet

Make & Model Material Size No.
Necky Eliza (rudder) Poly 15'4" x 22" 1
Necky Nanitout 14 (skeg) poly 14'4" x 24" 1
Necky Manitou 14 (skeg) poly 14'1" x 24" 1
Necky Looksha 17(Rudder) Poly 17'3" x 23.75" 1
Riot Edge 14.5(Rudder) Poly 14'6" x 21.6" 1
Chatham 16(skeg) Poly 16'5 x 22" 1
VCP Aquanaut LV (skeg)
(low volume)
Poly 17'0" x 22" 1
VCP Avocet (skeg) Poly 16' x 22" 1
Tetra 10 Poly 10'8" x 29.5" 2
Tetra 12 Poly 12'1" x 28" 2
and Tandem Kayaks
Looksha Tandem(Rudder) Poly 18'1" x 30" 1
Nootka Plus Tandem
Fiberglass 23.5'1 x 27" 1
Zest Two Expedition Tandem Sit on top Poly 16'4" x 30.5" 2
Penobscot 16 Poly 16'2" x 34" 1

Rental Period

Pick-ups prior to 5:00 pm must be returned by 9:00 am following day; pick-ups after 5:00 pm must be returned by 5:00 pm following day.

Pick up/Delivery

You can depart directly from our base on Goulais Bay, or we can put you in at the point at the end of Mission Road (7 km from our base) or on the Goulais River near the General Store - there is no charge for this service. Otherwise, you must pick up and return kayak/canoe at/to 1021 Mission Rd. Goulais River, ON (see map for directions) or arrange for delivery and pick up by Caribou Expeditions (See Shuttles for rates) for transportation rates.

To reserve a kayak(s)/canoe(s)

We require a non-refundable deposit (20% of rental) and full payment 48 hours in advance of rental. However, if near-term forecast is poor, you may cancel, and will be provided a full refund. Reservations can be made by phone (1-705-649-3540), or email ( and are finalized by deposit. We will send you a statement for your authourization prior to payment.

A security deposit

is required on day of rental

  • $500 per single kayak/canoe
  • $750 per double poly kayak
  • $2000 fiberglass tandem
The most convenient way to do this is by a credit card authourization.

Rental Agreement Required

You can contact us for the rental agreement, or you can download and print (rental agreement) which describes payment options, cancellation policy and late return policy.

You are responsible for the return of equipment in the same state upon rental and agree to pay in full for any repairs or replacement if the equipment is damaged or lost.

In the event of damage or loss of equipment (excluding damage from normal use) the rentee agrees to pay list price of the items. Normal use constitutes abrasions and scratches to canoe/kayak and paddles, abrasions and scratches on wet suits, and PFDs. Tears, holes, and burns in canoe, wet suits, PFDS does not constitute normal wear. Adjustments to equipment damage may be made at the discretion of the renter.

Payment Options

Cash, cheque, or credit card. You can email a scanned copy of the rental agreement (, or mail the form with credit card information (name on card, number, expiry date, and amount authorized) or pay directly on-line at: Pay on Line

Late returns

It is essential that equipment be returned on time as others may have rented it! If you will be late and inform us AND we can accommodate other renters then you will be charged based on the daily rate. Otherwise, double the daily rate for additional days.

Cancellation and Refunds

More than 48 hours in advance: full refund less 20% (i.e. non-refundable deposit); otherwise no refund.

No refunds for early returns.

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