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Wilderness Trips (Level 2)

Trips are designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers and are minimally outfitted - after all, you probably have most of the equipment anyways! (rentals offered). Less experienced, but fit, paddlers are welcome, provided you paddle tandem kayaks.


Rossport to Heron Bay, Lake Superior

Tour S10: Rossport to Heron Bay

July 13 - July 20

This scenic section of Lake Superior includes the oldest fossil formations on earth (stromatalites), island archipelagos, many beaches and sheltered harbours, and historical sites (former World War II Prisoner Camp and a ghost town) and Neys Provincial Park with a striking view of Pic Island.

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Kayak Pukaskwa
        coast of Lake Superior

Tour S7: Pukaskwa Nat. Park

July 19 - 29

A guided sea kayaking adventure of a lifetime! Cascading rivers, uninhabited coastline, magnificent granite headlands, and deep clear water -- the Pukaskwa coast of Lake Superior is the experienced kayakers' dream adventure.

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Kayak Lake Superior Provincial Park

Tour S4: L. Superior Provincial Park

July 28 - Aug.4

Most of this sea kayak adventure takes place along the rugged coastal waters of Lake Superior Provincial Park, spanning over 100 km of undeveloped coastline of crystal clear water, bordered by striking pink granite or dark volcanic rock.

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Tour Map

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