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Wilderness Trips (Level 1)

Includes all park fees meals, kayaks, tents, sleeping pads, and transportation from trip starting point - in other words, "all-inclusive"! You just supply clothing, sleeping bag and personal items. Trips are suitable for all skill levels. The pace is relaxed and we paddle under less challenging conditions (suitable for the beginner) than Level 2 (intemediate, minimally outfitted) trips.


North Channel of Lake Huron

Tour H1: Lake Huron, Whalesback Channel

July 6 - 11

The 'Whalesback' in the North Channel of Lake Huron is a renowned sea kayaking destination. Sheltered passages and gentle beaches on smoothly carved granite islands provide a superlative kayaking experience.

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Sea kayak Gargantua, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Tour S3: Gargantua

July 14 - 18, July. 21-25

This sea kayak adventure takes place in the heart of Lake Superior Provincial Park. 'Gargantua' is a mythical place of the Ojibway; the landscape is replete with mystery and native heritage sites, such as Devil's Chair and Devil's Warehouse Island.

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Sea kayak Lake Superior Provincial Park

Tour S2: Super Superior

July. 28 - Aug. 4

This sea kayak adventure takes place along the rugged coastal waters of Lake Superior Provincial Park, spanning over 80 km of undeveloped coastline bordered by striking pink granite.

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Tour Map

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