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Custom Trips

Plan Your Own Sea Kayak or Canoe Trip

Your group would like to put together a trip? We can help, from outfitting the entire trip and supplying a guide, or just supplying the equipment you need, with or without, our guide service.

How much does it cost?

Our guide service is $300 CDN/day + 13% (HST) (includes travel time) + expenses for up to five customers. More people? You need an assistant guide (15% deduction). Expenses include meals, travel costs to and from the trip, vehicle mileage, and lodging expenses. If our guide, for example, has to drive three hundred km to meet you and stay overnight in a motel, there will be a $35/day meal allowance (plus $25/day for each day of camping), $0.65/km travel cost (round drip distance), plus lodging. But the simplest way to start a trip is just to meet at our base in Goulais River, pack up the van and trailer, and depart together.

To outfit your trip, see our Rental section under the SALES heading).

Need Help putting Your Trip Together?

Easiest way is just to send us an email outlining your ideas, with:

  • Dates
  • Locations you have in mind
  • Group size
  • Age-Range
  • Type of Trip (Sea Kayaking, Canoeing)
  • Skills and experience of participants
  • Equipment you will need
  • Guided or not

It is important to plan well ahead of the season in order for us to schedule canoes kayaks, and guides. Please send us an E-mail and begin your canoeing or sea kayaking adventure in northern Ontario.