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Course C2: Sea Kayak Level 1

Chalifant Cove in the heart of Lake Superior Provincial park, Ontario, Canada

Sea Kayak Level 1 (Paddle Canada) provides the skill and knowledge necessary for day-long sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters (non-wilderness areas). Paddle Canada certification is offered for those who successfully complete the course.

Equipment, paddling strokes, and rescue techniques will be demonstrated in an informal and friendly atmosphere by your Paddle Canada instructor.

See updated calendar, or call for additional dates.

Trip at a Glance :
Dates: June 24-25, Aug. 26-27
Departure: Caribou Expeditions, 41 km north of Sault Ste. Marie, on Goulais Bay.
Price: $305 CDN (taxes included)
Level: Beginner/Novice
Distance: 2 km
Duration: 2 days
Included: kayaks, wet suit, instruction
Not Included: Personal gear, lunch
Note: Paddle Canada certificate (optional) $25.00 extra


Saturday (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Introduction, Kayaks, Accessories

  • Anatomy of kayak, exterior and interior, hull design, deck layout
  • Paddle design: length, size, selection criteria
  • Safety equipment: PFD, pump, tow line, signalling and communication devices, first aid kit
  • Cold weather equipment: dry tops, wet suits, dry suits, dry socks, hoods,
  • The four lines of defense against a paddling incident

On water Instruction

  • Warm up on beach
  • Getting in and out of kayak
  • Installing spray skirt
  • PFD fit
  • Paddle Strokes: forward, reverse, stopping, draw strokes, turning (sweep, bow and stern rudder), low brace turn
  • Scull for support


  • Assisted, Eskimo rescue, all in, raft and pump, T-rescue, T-stirrup

Sunday (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

  • Practice Rescues
  • Solo Rescues: paddle float, sponson rescue, Eskimo roll (demonstration only)
  • Towing: 1 and 2 person; short tow, long tow, contact tow.
  • Basic navigation: basic chart use and route planning
  • Basic seamanship: waves, clapotis, shore influences on waves
  • Group dynamics

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